Sending my family a HEPA Filter for their Birthdays

My Dad never had a HEPA filter in the family AC component so now I am going to send a washable HEPA as well as a card for his coming birthday.

I can’t assume our young Dad has turned 89 years old.

I can still remember the man being in his 20’s. Now it is over 50 years later as well as our Dad has grown old. Both of us are all getting a lot older as well as I am trying to love this ride more as well as more each and every year as well as not worry about stuff so much. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier in town where I work has several HEPA filters as well as I know the size of our family’s disposable filters so I am going to grab 1 for him for the big birthday so that they have cleaner air in the family home as well as don’t have to throw away any more filters. I bet my family has tossed out 100 disposable filters over the years so it is high time to get 1 that can be used over as well as over again. I recognize this washable HEPA filter device will last her a long time as well as it may be the last filter anyone will ever need. I hope my dad stays in our life another 20 years so that I can make up for all of the lost years of cards that never were sent. I recognize I will ask the Heating as well as Air Conditioning about great smart thermostats that I could buy for our Dad for his birthday. That would go well with the HEPA filter I’m sending.

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