Not as fit as I used to be

Back when I was in my 20’s I felt like I could do anything. I had just started my career working as a certified HVAC repair tech and loved every minute of it. Due to how fit and passionate I was able to work nearly double the workload of most of the other HVAC repair techs. Nearly 25 years have passed since those youthful days, and I am no longer able to perform like I used to. Just last week as I was out on a normal repair call, I ended up breaking my ankle on the job. The repair call was going to plan, however as I was taking a closer look at the air conditioning unit I ended up slipping on one of my tools I left on the ground. Back in my younger days that would have never happened. I was too sharp and attentive to have a lapse in judgment like that, and even if I had I would have been able to catch myself before I hit the floor like an idiot. The worst part was needing to have the homeowner that I was supposed to be helping have to call an ambulance to come and help me. Some of my buddies down at the HVAC company are trying to raise my spirits by telling me that it could have happened to anybody, but I think we all know that it means one thing. My days as an HVAC repair tech are numbered. I guess it’s true what they say after all. This is a young man’s profession

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