Going to the movies can be uncomfortable

It’s summer vacation and the kids are out of school.

The first few weeks they enjoy the unstructured days and luxury of sleeping in.

But once boredom sets in, it’s time to plan a few outings. My kids love going to the movie theatre. Although the cost of a ticket seems steep, it’s cheaper than going on a trip. So we usually go to three or four movies during their school break. But I often wonder why the theatres keep their thermostats set so low that it seems I can see my breath. The theatre in our area is a part of a movie chain that supposedly keeps their air conditioning set at seventy four degrees. I asked the manager once why it seems so much colder. He explained that they always lower the thermostat settings for a movie premiere, as that’s when they expect a full house. For example, whenever a new Harry Potter movie is released, hundreds of Potter fans will flood the theatre. With all of that extra body heat in one room, the thermostat is adjusted several degrees cooler. Another reason that the rooms are kept cooler is that people are more likely to stay awake. Movie theatre chains want people to return in the future, which they’re less likely to do if they slept through the last movie that they attended. And finally, and this I already knew to be true, you just can’t make everyone happy. Movie goers will either complain that the room is too hot or too cold, that the sound is too loud or not loud enough, and on and on it goes. The moral of the story – for me anyway – is to bring a jacket the next time that I attend a summer movie.

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