One more power outage during a heat wave!

We may not experience more power outages than anybody else, however occasionally it feels that way.

Just this month our area was hit with a hot, humid stretch.

No worries – I have central a/c in our home, as well as well as ceiling fans plus a programmable thermostat. But each of these take-it-for-granted items are sorely missed within a certainly short time when the power goes out. This time it was midafternoon plus the a/c had been running all day. Suddenly we heard a loud bang that sounded love a gunshot. Then – everything electrical stopped laboring. In the back of our mind I was hoping that the power would be restored within the hour. The thermostat registered seventy various degrees at the time of the outage, however howboilingcould things get? At least there were numerous hours of sunshine remaining, so there was no need for lights. The best thing to do was to sit slim plus hope for the best. My partner called the utility supplier, plus the representative said that a serviceman would be there within various hours. The humidity slowly returned to the house, although the thermostat indicated that the temperature wasn’t rising by much, then a recall the explanation that a/cs aren’t absolutely producing chilly air. The truth is that they genuinely remove the humidity. An HVAC system has an evaporator coil that condenses water vapor from the air. This occurs when hot, moist air in the condo comes into contact with the chilly evaporator coil. The liquid is then condensed out of the air, plus goes to an outside drain. Thanks to an awesome utility repairman, our power was restored within various hours.


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