When a new girl moves into town

It’s honestly incredible to see how much can change with just one variable being altered in a small town.

For instance, when one of our schools moved a few blocks over, there was nearly a revolt in the middle of our quaint little village.

A few months ago, when the mayor was found out to be an atheist, people lost their minds. However, last month, when a new HVAC maintenance shop opened, I also thought that it would cause a stir. You see, we have relied on the same HVAC company for the past 50 years. The owner is a 77 year old guy named Ted. He can barely see anymore, and he was never all that talented when it came to HVAC anyway. Most of the time, if you called and asked him to maintenance your cooling system or furnace, you were going to be calling him a few more times after the first repair didn’t work. He had cheap prices for his mediocre work but that was hardly comforting when you didn’t get the maintenance that you needed for your HVAC system to actually work again. I went through a lot of summers without reliable air conditioning because Ted could not get to the bottom of it. But then, a new HVAC technician came to town who was professionally certified and quite talented. She instantly stirred up the entire neighborhood by having the ability to actually fix people’s HVAC problems the first time. Many people were still divided by loyalty to Ted. This week, Ted and the new girl seem to be teaming up. I hope the results are helpful.


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