Not only servicing the Heating and Air Conditioning

It’s truly been an experience living in a big subdivision for the first time.

  • I never knew suburban life before.

And I don’t really prefer it over what I was used to, to be honest. When I was younger, I thought that the children who lived in the suburbs had it made. In the present, I see that it was just as boring as residing out in the middle of the country. Also, your neighbors are very close to you. It’s easy to keep tabs on what everybody is up to around the block. It would seem they feel the same way about me. The couple two doors down from me doesn’t seem to have the best marriage situation. I can tell, because they have a lot of HVAC appointments all the time. Let me elaborate. For the past week or so, the local heating and air conditioning maintenance truck has been parked at my neighbor’s home just about every single day. I see the husband walk out the door, and soon an HVAC maintenance truck arrives in the driveway. For a long time I thought there was a serious issue with either their air conditioner or their heater. Whatever the recurring issue with their HVAC equipment, I figured it must be quite annoying. Then I started to think to myself that something else was going on. After all, the HVAC truck arrived at the same time nearly every day. This seems a bit fishy. After questioning the other neighbors, it was confirmed. There was nothing wrong with this couple’s HVAC system. There was something wrong with the wife’s fidelity to her husband. And I don’t feel the heating and air conditioning repair is helping.

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