There were no HVAC companies in our immediate area.

When our regular HVAC company closed their doors, there were no HVAC companies in our immediate area.

I was wondering who I was going to call if there was a problem with our furnace or air conditioning unit.

Were we on our own now, or would there be someone else bringing an HVAC company to our area? I called the HVAC company that was closest to us in miles, and they said they wouldn’t travel this far. A part of me hoped they would tell me who to call, but the woman hung up before I could ask. I went online to find all HVAC companies within 30 miles of where I live, and the only one that came up was the one that was no longer in business. The phone number looked different, so I called. A young woman answered the phone, and I asked if it was the HVAC company. She said they were, but they wouldn’t be open for another two weeks. She was setting up appointments for furnace servicing, but she had a number if I wanted work done on the air conditioning unit. After explaining I was a customer of the previous owner, she told me he was still there, but he sold the company to his son. Until the company is officially the son’s, they were closing the doors, but it would only inconvenience the customers for about three weeks. I was glad I called the number and got the information. I may end up with different HVAC technicians, but hopefully, the son has the same work ethics and skills as his father.

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