Infrared heating is safer

There is a lot of misunderstandings about infrared heating.

A lot of people think because there is radiation involved that it is the most dangerous form of heating out there.

This is not at all the case. Sure, there is radiation involved, but there’s not enough for it to be dangerous. Radiant heating is actually one of the safest forms of heating around. If you want to know what is possibly the most dangerous, it is gas heaters. Anything with gas involved could equal up to death really. There could be a gas leak, which would cause an explosion. Or, even worse, there could be carbon monoxide poisoning if something went wrong where a gas line broke or something like that. I have been using infrared heating myself for a while now, because of this fact. Also, the results of infrared heating in my humble opinion is much better all around. I can even safely say that in some cases, radiant heat or infrared heat is even better and more effective than central heating. If you think I don’t know what I am talking about, try it out for yourself and see! Also, there are several websites around the internet that will document the same opinions I am giving you right now. Also, if you have radiant heated floors…notice the words radiant heat in that! Shouldn’t that tell you also that there’s something I am saying about infrared heating and radiant heating? I will personally never go back to standard central heating after experiencing all of this!


Infrared heating is safer

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