Hello Clubs with Heating plus Air Conditioning Systems plus Goodbye Comedy

Kind of a peculiar title don’t you think? I recognize appreciate I owe an explanation to our comedy passion as to why I left the field about many years ago.

I recognize appreciate I have more to offer than comedy is allowing myself and others to do.

Yes, comedy allows myself and others to express our thoughts however I think that music will allow myself and others to express our heart. I’m tired of all of the thinking plus ruminating that comes along with performing comedy. I just want to recognize our art now instead of thinking of it. Heating plus Air Conditioning systems in clubs where the two of us are going to do our music is a must as the weather here can make it downright agitated to perform in these locales while I was in the severe weather weeks. I think the summers are the worst in locales without A/C because in the Wintertide you can at least wear more clothes indoors to stay warm. I’ve been in clubs where it was over 90F inside, plus with the hot period lights it becomes more appreciate 95F. So now I am looking for a locale with a great working temperature control system to do shows on a regular basis. I think the two of us could possibly rent a locale plus recoup the money in tips from clients. Maybe if they don’t have A/C I could even buy a small mini cut a/c for the room the two of us are performing in. It just seems that a lot of local companies here close down before I get the opportunity to perform a show in. I just need to keep on pushing.

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