The thanksgiving film tradition

One tradition our family always used to have at Christmas time, was to turn on the TV on Christmas Eve, plus have the twenty numerous hour yule log showcase going, then for those that don’t guess what that was, on a local TV station, they used to play Christmas music non-stop plus commercial free for a full twenty numerous hours, plus then they would show a fireplace burning with a log in it by a Christmas tree! It was a superb thing for those people who didn’t have fireplaces in their home.

It added to the whole Christmas spirit! My family used to leave the TV on with the sound completely off when all of us went to bed, just so the image of the fireplace plus the log was going all night long, plus then I would wake up the fireplace plus log on the TV.

It was really a nice hot memory. This last Christmas, I couldn’t guess when I seen that they were rerunning the outdated yule log programs in the same fashion as back in the day! When I found out about it, I insisted that all of us do what I did growing up with the TV on all night, etc, my fiance thought I was crazy because all of us have a charming electric fireplace in our home, however but our teenagers appreciated the idea! So with myself and others plus the teenagers against our fiance, of course, all of us won! It was so nice reliving those outdated times this past holiday with our own children. My fiance got to prefer it too in the end.

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