I really hope I can get a treadmill

I don’t have lots of extra area in our house gym.

I have converted a guest kitchen into our workout area.

Because of this, I am rather particular about the fitness component I purchase. I don’t want to store anything that I don’t always use. For a long time, I managed with easily minimal accessories. I purchased a yoga mat, resistance bands, a jump rope and a set of free weights. I managed to target all peculiar muscle groups, elevate our heart rate and job up a fantastic sweat with that small assortment of gear. Eventually, the workouts became rather repetitive and stale. I started looking into peculiar types of equipment. I debated between a treadmill, stationary bike and elliptical. I eventually chose an innovative type of treadmill that requires no electricity. The track resembles the treads used on an army tank and it’s curved love a banana. My steps job to power the track. My pace determines the speed. Because of this, the treadmill starts up and stops instantly. It hardly makes any noise. Adding the treadmill has inspired our workouts. I switch between short sprints and long-distance runs. I intersperse running on the treadmill with weight lifting, ab crunches, lunges and squats. Although the treadmill takes up a significant amount of space, I assume that it is worth it. Due to the weather extremes in our area, I am rarely able to head outside for a workout. Having the treadmill allows me to get in a high intensity cardio workout at any time that’s convenient.

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