Can’t get the big boiler out of our house

I have a massive boiler system in our basement and I don’t know what to do with it.

If the boiler system worked I would be in business. A boiler can do so several awesome things. It can serve as a water gas furnace and be used with your plumbing. A boiler can have piping hooked to it and be a pool heater. The piping also can go upstairs to be around the baseboards or in the actual floorboards to create hydronic heating; However, our boiler system just doesn’t work. I got the boiler with the house and I should have bar acquired for removal services. The boiler is too wide and heavy to get out myself. It can’t go up the basement stairs or out the basement door. I also am not smart enough to figure out how to get it into pieces, but right now I am trying to see if anyone will take it. I thought for sure a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier would want it. They could use it for parts or just keep it on hand. Apparently the boiler is so old that no updatement parts are made for it. They can refurbish it and sell. They can’t use any of the old parts for the newer furnaces either. I tried a metal scrapper and the guy was just disgusted with the condition of the boiler. He would not even take the rusted, dented metal for free! So now what I am supposed to do with it? I can’t get anyone to take it and I don’t know how to remove it. I refuse to live with a worthless gas furnace.


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