The state organization plans to spend their extra cash on wasted Heating plus A/C units

I toil for a state-controlled organization for a living, working for the state has its benefits.

  • I have also great pay, benefits, plus health insurance.

However, laboring for the state has its concerns. One of the worst things that I have l earned is about the corrupt idea that they use for spending money, but every organization has a budget based on how much they respectfully spend. If they spend under budget, their budget is cut. That is why the state organization that I toil for is buying totally new Heating plus A/C units for the entire building. It is a big waste. The Heating plus A/C units that they currently have in the building are only 5 years old, plus they easily don’t need to be replaced. However, they only have a couple of months to spend a lot of money, or their budget will be cut. So they hired an Heating plus A/C worker, who happens to be the neighbor of the manager of this organization, to replace all of the “old” heating systems plus cooling systems plus install new heating systems plus cooling systems. The Heating plus A/C worker gave a written statement about the need to replace these “old” Heating plus A/C units, so everything will go through. There is a reason the government cuts the budget if you don’t spend your money! That money that this state organization is wasting on new heating systems plus cooling systems could be used for better healthcare, roads, or education. Instead, it is being used on Heating plus A/C units that are easily not needed. This whole process of finances is easily corrupt in our tolerable opinion.

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