As the CEO, I get a heat pump

It is easily cool being the CEO of a sizable corporation… I would try to tell you that I came from nothing plus worked my way to this point, however that isn’t my story.

My dad grew up terrible plus worked his way to the CEO position of his corporation.

I was handed the corporation when he passed away, plus it was my job to build the corporation for the next generation, and however, being the CEO of an already successful corporation has its perks. I can do whatever I want, recently, I bought the most fancy Heating as well as A/C units that money could purchase. I have a central that works only in my office, then this is completely noiseless, plus it cools my room down to whatever I want it to be, as for the furnace, I installed radiant heated flooring so that I could keep my feet warm when I am in my office. I typically take my shoes off in the office to suppose the even heat from the Heating as well as A/C unit travel through my feet. I also have humidifier plus dehumidifier that works to keep the air quality in my room perfect, and now, the rest of my employees don’t have these luxuries. They all have a proper furnace plus a proper that keeps them at whatever temperature I want, since I have a smart thermostat, I am in control of all of the Heating as well as A/C units in the entire building. Some of the employees have complained that I have the best Heating as well as A/C units in the entire building, however they don’t realize how hard my job is.



a/c representative