A very cold business

I like our church family, then they are actually family to me! I cannot tell you how much help as well as encouragement they have been to myself and others over the years.

If it was not for their help, I think I may have given up at times.

I have been in the same church for about twenty years now, so I have had a lot of time to get to know just about all the people in the church; All of our closest friends are from our church, as well as I do not know what I would do separate from them. My best buddy as well as I serve in church together, then we help with the children’s services. It is so much fun. We both agreed that it is much more comfortable in the children’s auditorium than it is in the main auditorium. I do not know why, but the main auditorium is regularly easily cold. I bring a overcoat to church whenever I know that I will be in the main auditorium if even for a few hours. I think that the pastor as well as singers get easily warm while they are on the stage preaching as well as singing, so they turn the temperature down to keep the singers as well as pastor comfortable, but the rest of the people in the auditorium freeze. I think that it is mostly the ladies that have trouble with it. My partner enjoys how cool it is in the auditorium as well as so do multiple of her girl friends. If I were up moving around, it would not be so bad, but when I am resting still for a little while, I like it to be warmer, but even with the crazy cool temperatures, I still easily like our church.

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