I do not enjoy my a/c

I am really a girly girl if there ever was 1.

I savor getting dressed up in pretty gowns plus doing my makeup.

I have worked in the beauty industry for over fifteen years, plus I cannot ever see myself leaving. It has been such a nice task doing what I savor to do. I think I have been interested in beauty since I was about more than 2 years old. I used to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror trying on my mom’s makeup. My mom said that I even did her makeup at times as a 3 year old girl. My savor for all things beauty never died out; it only grew stronger plus stronger. Even though I actually savor makeup, there are occasionally that I savor not to wear makeup at all. I do not savor to wear makeup when it is hot outside plus there is no whereI method to be. Air conditioning is legitimately my best friend. The heat plus humidity mess up just about everything when it comes to beauty. My face gets oily plus makes my makeup look a little rough, plus my naturally curly hair goes silly in the Summer heat. I try my best to stay in buildings that have , but there are times when I just cannot help it. I went on a picnic with some friends a couple of weeks ago, plus I decided not to wear makeup. I put on some SPF plus some moisturizer plus that was it. No means no makeup for me.

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