Choosing between a sauna plus an ice box

I never thought I would be in a situation in which I got too much a/c, but i live in an section of the country that has entirely intense heat plus humidity, after all! Air conditioner is a charming thing to me because of that! However, it could be the middle of June, however where our desk is in our office, it’s ridiculously cold; The a/c is cranked up to maximum during the Summer anyway.

  • The complication is all the people agrees that our corner of the office for some reason is the absolute coldest, perhaps in the entire building.

I do have a rather important vent above me blowing air. I have to bring at least one extra layer with me to labor in order to cope with the cold. I almost need to wear gloves when I am typing on our keyboard because our fingers begin to get numb with the cold; When the a/c turns off I get some brief respite from the relentless chill. However, it never stays off for long. I have asked our boss if he would please transfer me to another location, although he said that would be too complicated plus time-consuming, sometimes, the frigid is so intense throughout the labor day that I will intentionally take our lunch outside in the heat just to thaw out. Temperatures in the high nineties plus high humidity never felt so good! Why do I have to choose between a sauna plus an icebox during our labor day? At least I can control the temperature in the comfort of our own home.

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