My own struggles with keeping our garage comfortable all year long

I don’t know what to do to keep the garage comfortable while in these cold Winter time evenings, or while in these tepid summer time afternoons, however it’s a real challenge to find a usual ground between no air treatment, or too much air treatment! I’ve come to accept that the air conditioning just can’t be diagnosed… Well, that’s what I used to think, at least, and my neighbor at work told myself and others about how she had a ductless mini-cut method installed in her house, which she uses to cool down her basement! Since the rest of her lake house is kept cool via central air conditioning, there is no connection from that air conditioning method to her basement.

So, to add air conditioning – & improve the air quality – she added the ductless mini-cut method to her home. I figured that I could do the same thing for our garage, so I did! The investment up front was not too bad, & I was able to install the method myself over a single weekend, and there were a few parts where I needed some guidance, but overall I found the entire process to be fairly seamless. And the rewards, oh how worthwhile they are! I used to only be able to take up to half an hour in our garage before perspiring to death, or cold to death in the summer time or Winter time respectively, now, I can be in the garage for hours at a time – all without issue!


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