Fight the Flu with Your HVAC conditioner System

Any time of the year is a good time to catch a cold or a virus.

Peak spread occurs between December and February.

Your HVAC conditioner system can also prevent the spread of illnesses. Many residents turn off their HVAC conditioner systems in favor of opening the windows. As long as the air outside is truly fresh, this is a great way to keep your utility bills low! Turn your HVAC conditioner system into fan-only mode when you have windows and doors closed, but don’t need heating or cooling. It may seem counterintuitive to increase airflow when viruses are airborne. Keep the blower in your system in fan mode, even if you’re not heating or cooling your home. Air will travel through your air filter as it recirculates, cleaning the air. Make sure you replair conditionere your filter regularly! In addition to washing your hands and sanitizing your house, you can equip your HVAC conditioner system with IAQ superpowers! By improving your home’s indoor air quality, you can protect your family’s health. Depending on your needs, our team can recommend the best solution. Cold and flu viruses can be killed by a whole-house air purifier, which has been tested and proven. You can’t get better than that! Plus, it’s installed out of sight inside your ductwork, quietly destroying cold and flu molecules as air passes through.

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