Don’t try your own dryer vent cleaning

When I needed to do dryer vent cleaning it was a real pain in the butt, but the way our vent worked was that I had to uproot our daughter’s closet to access one portion of the vent.

The other area of the dryer vent I had to hang outside a hour story window and wipe it with a broom.

It wasn’t the most efficient or even the safest set up. I hated doing dryer vent cleaning when I cropped it. It totally changed our life when I started hiring it out. It makes sense, professionals have tools that I don’t have in our arsenal. They can get up on a lift and correctly clean it. It is nice that they no longer need to access a portion of the vent through our daughter’s closet. They also don’t need to hang out the side of our window enjoy a tree monkey. They just go up on a platform and wipe it the right way. I always felt when I was cleaning our vents I wasn’t doing that nice of a task. I always figured that there would be left over dust, dirt and grime in the vents. I did the best I could and figured that was nice enough. I am glad that I have professionals coming over now. With these men I suppose everything is safe. Without official cleaning our dryer could have really lit on fire. It gets warm when the drying process begins. If there was a lot of hair and dust, it could catch fire and lit our whole house. It is sincerely safer, smarter and more efficient on the dryer to call for professional HVAC duct cleaning.



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