Saving energy with less heater use

I’ve always been the type of person who will make great sacrifices to get ahead. I’m very used to putting myself last in order to get things accomplished. It’s not such a big problem to me, it’s just the way that life goes. Recently, I’ve been looking at new ways but I could try to save money. It’s not so easy when you’re on your own or working a low-end job and don’t get new opportunities too often. That’s why I’ve been looking for new ways to cut back on my spending in the rest of my life. I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far was keeping my grocery bills low, and even cutting back on some expenses like insurance and gas spending. Most recently I’ve started looking into reducing My overall energy expenditure in my house. I realize that my energy bill is the most expensive thing that I’m paying every single month. It’s no wonder, considering I live in the south and it’s always a million degrees outside. That means there aren’t too many chances to cut back on using the AC. Frankly, you just won’t make it. It’s too hot. That’s why I’ve been working harder on figuring out how to save during the winter. At least during those months our heating costs aren’t through the roof, because it doesn’t get all that cold. Most days the air temperature is about 30 degrees, so you can get by with moderate clothing. That’s been my strategy. I’ve been trying to stay away from the thermostat and to leave the furnace alone. Instead, I bought a lot of winter coats this year from thrift stores. I’ve been wearing about three at a time in the house everyday instead of running the heater. It’s been a bulky winter, but at least my Energy savings are stacking up.


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