The benefits – and disadvantages – of a new furnace in the house

With this old furnace working surprisingly well over the years, I certainly didn’t expect the furnace to last this long! I was kind of concerned when I bought the house, as that old furnace was already what I considered ancient for any HVAC equipment.

I wanted a lower price for the place anyway, and I figured that I would have to update the heating system sooner than I preferred.

I’m amazed though, as my furnace works incredibly well despite the age. I have literally never had to have anyHeating, Ventilation and A/C professional repair the thing! Of course, I do have the occasional visit from a Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional each month. Their job is solely to make sure that our furnace will be finally working, whenever the colder weather comes! However, I have been pondering about the possibility for an update to the furnace for the past year now. The old furnace is still charming and has no real reason to go, but there’s a few reasons for why I’m still considering a change-up. For one big reason, these newfangled heating systems are much more efficient than the models that are as old as my current heating system. Additionally, I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I can save a ton of cash on my new system if I were to change out the heating system now. See, the government provides tax credits to people who have more efficient heating and air conditioning systems in their house that are being maintained regularly. That’s not only money back in your pocket for using an energy-efficient HVAC system, but that’s money from Big Brother, too!

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