Living up north and having no heat in the car is a guaranteed miserable life

Can you imagine trying to go without a furnace in your vehicle while enduring a northern winter? One of the worst things that you can do for yourself is live up here with no heater. When I bought this car I have now, I wanted to buy a super cheap vehicle. If it lasted me for about a year before I could afford to purchase another car, that would be swell. The vehicle had a running motor which is all that mattered at the time, but I see now that was a mistake. See, the last owner had bypassed the furnace somehow, and now the furnace wasn’t working at all in the car. I didn’t realize this when I bought the car though, as it was the middle of summer when I bought it! Talk about your hidden headaches. I already knew that the cooling system didn’t work, which I was fine with. I thought nothing of the furnace, but when cold weather started coming in, I decided to adjust the control unit to see if I could get some heat in the car. Imagine my surprise when the furnace started blowing, but it was frigid air. The worst sensation ever, I’m telling you! I live in the north too, and heating systems are a way of life up here. From that point on, I had to learn how to take measures to ensure that our vehicle was ready for the Winter without a furnace, and that was a horrible time for me. I bought a heating screen, which I could place on the windshield as I had no defrost heater, and it would make sure I could see in the snow and rain. I also began wearing heavy layers of clothing to help me to warm up, all without a furnace while I was driving.

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