Reduced heating bill thanks to some ingenuity with household things

I have been splitting costs everywhere in our house, even though I couldn’t get anywhere with our bills.

I used to make sure my family only flushed the toilet once a day, but that proved too disgusting for us to keep up! Other than that, my furnace was at the lowest temperature that I dared to put it, but I didn’t want to continue that either since our family would end up being very cold at night.

I wanted to save cash more than anything, but come on! Not at the cost of my family and I being comfortable in our own home. However, a friend of mine told me about how I could use bizarre steps to help save cash on our heating costs. First of all, he told me that I should either put plastic or a heavy curtain on our windows. The furnace can try as difficult as it can to pump out heat for your home, however it cannot fight against the windows, which draw all of the moderate air out of the apartment and update it with freezing air. Putting something over your windows allows you to help trap the warm air that your furnace is creating in your home, and that can really help you stay warm without spending an arm and a leg on heating! Other than that, another great method for saving cash on heating costs is to purchase a space heater for your home. This space heater can permit adjustment of the control unit for the rest of your home, while only heating the room you’re in! I think that’s a solid way to stay warm without spending too much money, but my family may not care for it unless there’s a portable space heater for all of us.


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