Before the winter comes, go through this checklist!

Here it comes – the terrible winter weather! Despite having such a good summer, the fall has started to approach and you have realized that colder weather is just around the corner and coming soon.

Being prepared for this weather and proofing your home for freezing temperatures is the best step to take now! Taking all of your cooling systems out of the window and carrying them down to the basement is the first step, as there’s no need for heating and A/C right now. You’ll need space heating systems which are to be placed all around and in strategic locations in the house, and be ready in case you need a few more! You also have to find heavier blankets, which would allow you to turn your control unit to a cooler temperature at evening. You also would need to call one of those local Heating, Ventilation and A/C professionals to show up and check the furnace out, making sure it’s ready to go. They’ll check the ductwork for you as well, and clean. He would wipe your ductwork to prevent any odors coming after turning your furnace on for the first time! Most importantly, he could tell you you if any special repairs are needed, and that will prevent issues in the near or distant future! Finally, the day will come when your home is getting absolutely freezing, and you are going to have to adjust your control unit to turn the furnace on. Just be hopeful – the winter will eventually end!

Cooling specialist