Trust the universe when life is a furnace

My life took a big turn recently and I am going to have to do some extra work in the meantime.

I have to find a new job and I am focusing on staying centered and calm so I can get it done quickly.

I was a process engineer for years and that job taught me how to solve problems in the most efficient way possible. I know that we all have a quiet center deep inside of us that knows, and if we can get quiet that part of us gives us good advice and good direction. Heating up my world like this is a good thing for this HVAC tech because life was getting kind of drab and monotonous with my HVAC repair work so I guess the universe is telling me it is time for a change. You can get into ruts and when something happens like this it can shake things up and get you moving in a better direction. I think doing music instead of heating and cooling repairs is more in alignment with what I want out of life, so this is a good thing in the end for this HVAC worker. I am going to go for a ride on my bike now to see if my friends are floating around town and just have a little chat with them. They have a local business and maybe they are looking for a local contractor like me to help them out with something in the climate controlled shop where they both work. I know a solution is around the bend.


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