Four more cooling system gigs coming

Wow, I am down to four more stories here and then my writing is going to come to an end.

It has been a cool time working for this outfit but now it is time to move on as AI has snagged my job from my hands.

I thought AI was here to help mankind, but if it is taking our jobs then what good is that doing? I think it should be the other way around where AI does my work and I get paid, right? I guess there is a bigger thing I am not seeing with it. Cooling equipment repairs is something I can do seeing that I am a certified HVAC worker and have a ton of experience in the field. I am going to just look around and let the universe guide me in the right direction, and hopefully it will be another cool online gig like the one I have had for the past few years. The local contractor who hired me was a really cool guy and I will only look back on my time working for the HVAC corp with good memories. Life is about change and we have to just roll with it when it is telling us to move in another direction. I am good for now with my heating and cooling bills and paying all the other bills each month as I saved a good chunk of cash working for the new contractor in town. I think I can find another part time job online in a few days max.



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