Wires to the furnace got chewed out – and so did the pest control guy!

This past winter was something else.

The people I was with and I had major troubles with mice in our home, and I mean major! The people I was with and I have killed countless mice, but the people I was with and I are not even close to killing them all yet! This mouse problem started as soon as we decided to have our furnace on while the fall rolled into town.

The mice must’ve seen that there was shelter nearby, and now our home is also home to about a thousand of these rodents. The people I was with and I killed about 30 mice, however they were still here! Apparently, the furnace made our apartment the perfect breeding ground for mice. Our furnace stopped working one day though, and I realized this was the case as soon as I woke up. The house was freezing cold! I tried plugging in space heating systems all around the apartment to keep us warm, but when the furnace was to be fixed, we still felt that the house was just a bit too cold for our taste. We went to check out our furnace and the thermostat, and we noticed right away that the wires on the furnace were completely chewed in half – it looked like the mice left their mark on our HVAC system! There was mouse poop all around it, too. I called both a Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional, as well as an exterminator. The HVAC repair technician told me that I would need an electrician to repair this! I was thankful that the furnace was working eventually.



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