Last heating and cooling job right here

Well, this is it guys, this is my last story I will be writing for you so lets make it a good one.

If your life is not where you want it to be right now, as mine is with losing a job, then take some time to clear your mind so that you can solve it from a fresh perspective.

The biggest thing you can start with is not thinking about it when it is time to go to sleep because the lack of sleep from worrying about it will make it tougher for you to solve it. Cooling down at night next to my mini split a/c system helps me sleep well and not worrying about life’s issues at bedtime helps me to fix them a lot quicker. Every person in this world has things they can worry about, but it doesn’t help them in solving the problems and makes life tougher as a result. My HEPA filter worker told me a lot about life when I was an HVAC tech working for the local business. One of the best ideas she had was to keep the mind calm and to talk positively. Forgiving mistakes, like me losing my HVAC system repair savings, is another way to free up energy in your mind and help you come up with solutions better and quicker. I can’t beat myself up for losing my heating supplier work over the years or it only makes things worse. So try to forgive mistakes, stay calm, and talk positively to yourself and others and life will move more smoothly. Good luck to you all! Goodbye and clean your washable filter, heh heh.


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