The HVAC contractor witnesses marriage proposal

It was an overly hot and humid Wednesday day in August.

Toward the end of my workday, I felt especially lucky to be able to sit in an air conditioned office and avoid the heat.

I finished up several projects on my desk, waiting for the afternoon to conclude. I appreciated the cool air blowing from the vents situated above me. There was a wrap on the door and a delivery guy needed me to sign for a package. I could see he was happy to wait inside an air conditioned space. When I opened the package I found a little cocktail dress. I figured that it was a gift from my boyfriend Rob. He included a short note asking me to go out to dinner that night at our favorite restaurant. We had been dating almost four years and I was getting anxious waiting for him to ask me to marry him. I finished up at work, left the air conditioned office building and braved the heat outside. The humidity was brutal. I immediately started the a/c in the car and waited for the air from the vents to cool off. I was damp with sweat. I was in a hurry to arrive home, but it felt as if I’d left the heating system running. I adjusted the thermostat setting, but the air conditioner wasn’t working at all. I knew I needed to cancel my date. I had to take care of the air conditioner problem. I scheduled an HVAC contractor to come right over as soon as possible. I called Rob to tell him I wouldn’t be able to go out to dinner. I explained the malfunction with the cooling system. About fifteen minutes later, there was a knock. I opened the door and found Rob on the porch. He knelt down and held up a ring! As Rob proposed, the HVAC contractor was standing in the driveway. He congratulated us and then fixed my Air Conditioning.