Paying extra for furnace repair on the weekend

When the weather turned ugly last fall, I bumped up the thermostat setting.

I figured the furnace would start up and maintain the home at a comfortable level.

Unfortunately, I heard an alarming screeching sound and there was a blast of dusty air. Because the heating unit had sat idle throughout the Spring and summer, I hoped that it was simply a bit dusty. I hoped that once it ran for a bit, the system would work out the pollutants inside. Over the course of the winter, the performance of the furnace worsened steadily. The outside weather also worsened, with the temperature dropping to negative twenty degrees. A bitter wind chill was downright dangerous. The furnace was necessary at all times and carrying a heavy workload. The demand was simply too much for it to handle. I regret not calling for a repair when I first started it up. Instead, I waited and ignored the warning signs until the heating system quit. It malfunctioned during the middle of the night, on a weekend, when the temperature was below zero. I couldn’t leave my family without heat until Monday. I had to call for emergency overtime repair. I paid a lot extra for the rushed response. When the HVAC guy took the furnace apart, he showed me the significant build up of dust and other contaminants. These pollutants had clogged airflow and caused the to overheat. I was relieved that the heat exchanger wasn’t destroyed. The repair wasn’t all that complicated or expensive. The system required a thorough maintenance process. I should have had the heater professionally inspected during the early fall to make sure it was ready for the Winter.