It’s helpful if spouse agrees with temperature settings

I’ve been told that opposites often attract.

I think that if people are too dissimilar, there’s going to be a lot of friction over everyday decisions.

There are certain things that a couple had better agree on for the sake of the relationship. It’s a good idea to discuss how many kids you plan to have, the amount you intend to spend on a home and long-term goals. A compromise on the temperature setting for the thermostat can be helpful. The adjustment of the thermostat is often a source of considerable debate. If the one partner likes to blast the air conditioner throughout the Summer while the other would just as soon open the windows, there can be arguments. If the husband prioritizes the cost savings of barely running the furnace while the wife shivers and complains, this can lead to friction. Agreeing to some give and take when it comes to heating and cooling provides for a more comfortable home for everyone. Setting the thermostat a couple degrees higher or lower makes a big difference in the comfort of the house and how happy the occupants are. Plus, it impacts energy bills. Zoned conditioning is a great investment. Upgrading the heating and cooling system allows each room to be controlled through separate thermostats. Adjustments no longer impact the entire home. This saves a lot of money and caters to individual preference. Installing zone control isn’t an expensive or major project. It utilizes a series of valves that are fitted into the duct system. The valves control air flow to each room. There’s also the need for a series of control units. The energy conservation opportunities typically recovers the start up cost quite quickly.


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