Air conditioning would have come in handy at summer wedding

They called for maintenance but the HVAC supplier had not yet shown up.

I thought an outside wedding ceremony in early August would be amazing. I searched out a charming lakeside meadow and chose it was the perfect location. We brought in a gazebo, chairs for our friends and family and decorated with tons of potted daisies. On the night before the ceremony, there was a sudden rainstorm. It poured for several hours and turned the ground to a muddy mess. That morning, the temperature climbed up to ninety degrees. The humidity was excruciating. Being close to the lake, there was a concern with mosquitos and duck poop. My bridal party was saturated in sweat, swatting at bugs, and the flower girl stepped in duck poop. We all wound up with sunburns. It was a nightmare. I’d have paid most anything to have access to a thermostat and A/C. I was glad that I had decided to hold the reception indoors. The bridal party and guests were in a hurry to relocate to the venue. We skipped taking pictures outdoors because we were all such a mess. It was a nice change to ride in the air conditioned limousine to the venue. When I entered the reception hall, I registered a big problem. It felt as if the heater was running. It was no cooler than the outdoor conditions. I found a manager and complained about the lack of A/C. He explained that the air conditioner had broken down the afternoon before. They called for maintenance but the HVAC supplier had not yet shown up. We kept all of the windows plus doors open, but there was not much of a breeze. The venue was overheated and clammy. The cake was ruined and most everyone drank too much. Everybody left early.


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