Investing in a smart thermostat to keep boss happy

My name is Hannah.

I have a great job as a personal assistant for a semi-famous actress named Martha. Most people believe Martha to be a bit of a spoiled brat. Sometimes, I have to agree. My boss is rather demanding in her wishes. Martha has particular tastes and high standards. She has no difficulty making his preferences known. Martha doesn’t want to be left waiting and is fine with bossing everybody around. As her personal assistant, I do everything possible to keep her happy. I handle her day to day schedule and needs. Martha has strict requirements when it comes to temperature. She is most comfortable within a narrow range. She says she has difficulty sleeping unless the temperature is maintained at exactly 69 degrees in the Summer plus 78 in the winter. Throughout the day, she is most happy when the temperature is kept close to 74 in the summer and 79 degrees in the winter. While she is working out, she requires cooler temperatures. When I first took the job as her assistant, I kept running to the thermostat to make adjustments. I eventually realized that to simplify my responsibilities and keep Martha happy, I needed a smart thermostat. I called a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to install a wireless unit. The WIFI thermostat automatically adjusts to achieve Martha’s preferences. If there is a change in the daily schedule, I can easily adjust the temperature through an app on my smartphone. It’s easy to raise or lower the temperature at the house from virtually anywhere I am. Plus, I receive alerts for maintenance needs and notification of any problems. I take better care of Martha as well as the HVAC equipment. I’ve managed to trim a significant amount off the heating and cooling bills.



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