Radiant floors are wonderful

I live in the northeastern area of the country.

It’s usually necessary to run the furnace in late August. We often have a couple of inches of snow accumulated by Halloween and the cold conditions hang around through Easter. We put up with temperatures well below freezing for at least six months. Sometimes, the temperature hovers below zero for weeks at a time. The windchill is dangerous. The furnace is necessary for survival. Operating the heating system is a large expense. My home is installed with a boiler oil heater. The only problem with a boiler is that failure to offer a cooling alternative. With the extreme weather in our local area, this isn’t an issue for me. I am excited to finally open the windows in the summer. I need the fresh air and love the cost savings. During the winter, the boiler maintains a toasty warm temperature without difficulty. It is a hydronic style of system meaning that it utilizes water to transport heat energy. There is a series of pipes hidden in the walls and under the floors. These pipes carry the heated water. The heat is dispersed evenly across the floor, from wall to wall. The highest temperatures are near the floor. There are no issues with drafts or cold spots. The furnishings sitting on the floor are warmed and then radiate heat. The radiant floors let me get by with a lower than normal thermostat setting separate and yet I enjoy perfect comfort. Plus, the boiler offers zone control and promotes further savings. It’s not necessary to heat empty rooms at the ideal temperature. I can accommodate personal tastes and concentrate on those areas that are often chilly on especially cold days.



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