My son loves the playground, but I don’t love the heat

Ever since my wife and I moved down to the deep south, we’ve found ourselves struggling to keep up with the intense heat and humidity we feel every day.

To further complicate things, the air quality can often be lacking here, as there’s a port within five miles of where we live.

My son and I have been going to a park near our house while I’m still unemployed, and we both enjoy going. However, I don’t enjoy the heat! Thankfully, the park we’ve been going to has a small sheltered area for picnics, group gatherings and stuff like that. In this shelter, there’s several fans that help to ventilate the area, and keep plenty of air circulating through it. I would kill for this shelter to have a ductless mini-split system, just like the one I have at home. I use my garage at home for weight training, and trying to lift on a hot summer day is nearly impossible when you’re doing it in a room that’s over 120 degrees! The ductless mini-split system helps to keep the air from getting too hot, and the garage is thankfully kept from turning into an oven thanks to that miniature air conditioning system running through the hot summer days. Outside of a ductless mini-split air conditioning system, I think the next thing I would invest in to promote air quality in the garage would be an air purification system, as the air can get pretty stuffy and kind of smelly at times.


Air conditioning worker