I need a new window air conditioner.

It is now at the point where I can no longer find all of the things that I need.

Certain times a year, you find things that you don’t need, but when you need them, they are no longer in the stores.

Why is it that I can find beach chairs, lawnmowers, and air conditioners during the winter, but not in the summer. When I need the window air conditioner the most, it is no longer able to be found. This makes me a bit upset because it is now that I need the window air conditioner. I am able to find some nice portable space heaters, which will be good for the winter. I actually bought a space heater last summer and it worked so well that I didn’t run my furnace nearly as much as I normally would. The portable space heater also came with some pretty cool safety features. It had a tip over feature that if the space heater were to tip over, it would stop running. There was also a safety feature that wouldn’t allow the space heater to overheat and cause a fire. This made me really happy. If I could just find a window air conditioning unit that had safety features I would be really happy again. I would actually be ecstatic if I were even able to find a window air conditioning unit right now, without ordering one and paying a lot of extra money. Someone needs to talk to these department stores and let them know that there are seasonal items that need to be in the store all summer long and not just the months prior to summer.