I am loving this new air conditioning unit.

I have finally reached the limits of my patience.

It takes a lot for me to get truly upset, but I actually got to the point where I was yelling the other day.

It was bad enough that over the last month, my air quality was steadily going downhill. Now, the air conditioning system has totally quit working. There was no way I was going to be able to live in this house with no air conditioning. The problem with this is that I couldn’t afford to have a new air conditioning system installed. The funny thing is that I work for a HVAC company and I didn’t know they had payment plans available. They helped to work out a special deal for me on the AC unit and they also set me up with a payment plan and the payments would come out of my paycheck. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my poor air quality was the fault of my old air conditioning unit. When the new air conditioning unit was installed, I also had a new thermostat installed. I knew the old thermostat was getting pretty old. I now have an efficient air conditioning unit that is already making my air quality better than it has been in months, and a new thermostat. I think I had become so used to my poor air quality, that I didn’t realize you could actually taste the air in my house. Now, it is cool and comfortable and the air is fresh and clean. My new thermostat is smart enough to know what temperature I like and I know that I will be enjoying it for years to come.

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