I hate the air quality in my home.

Ever since the beginning of summer, I have had a huge problem in my home.

I knew that summers in the south brought a lot of heat and humidity, but I didn’t remember it also bringing horrible air quality.

There are so many pollutants in my home that I am continually suffering with my allergies. If it isn’t the pollen in the air, dust or pet dander, something seems to just hang out in the air and make it hard for me to breathe. I need to find some way for me to get away from all of this. I read that the only real way to get away from the poor air quality was to have my ductwork cleaned. I may even need to change the type of air filter I use and to add an air purifier. I decided that I would call the HVAC company first and have them check out the ductwork. I knew that I would need to pay the HVAC technician to clean and sanitize the ductwork, but I had enough of bad air quality and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to deal with allergies much longer. Once the ductwork has been cleaned, I am hoping it will take care of the air quality and my runny nose and itchy eyes. If the ductwork cleaning doesn’t work, then I will need to try different air filters and probably the air purifier. By cleaning my air and improving the air quality, I hope to get rid of my allergy symptoms.

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