They took the air conditioning away

My husband often talks about his childhood and I have garnered over the years, that he had a very rough childhood.

We share memories of our families and how our families affected who we are. I enjoyed listening to some of his stories and he always made me laugh. Afterward, I would feel a bit odd wondering how much of the insanity was true and how dysfunctional his family really was. It shined light on why my husband is who he is. We both grew up in the south and summers were always terribly hot. Everyone we knew had air conditioning. I don’t think we could have survived without the air conditioning. One night we sat in the room and we were suffocating because our air conditioning had broken down. The HVAC technician was on his way and he told me he remembered many nights like this. The had Zone Control in their home so everyone could have ultimate comfort. Unfortunately, his parents had total control over the thermostats. If they were misbehaving, his parents would lock them in their room and turn the air conditioning off. He told me that there were some nights when he fell asleep from heat exhaustion and not from being tired. It sounded so cruel, but it made me realize why his air conditioning was so important to him. I sat and listened to his story, thinking what horrible parents he had. They had to be extremely cruel to take the air conditioning away from their children, simply because they misbehaved. I know he would never consider doing this to any of our children.