Our AC unit has a bad smell

We took all of the old, dead grass and shrubbery and moved it far away from the air conditioning

When we first bought our home, we knew that there was an air quality issue. We weren’t really sure where to start looking for the problem and that was the big problem. We knew the air conditioning unit was surrounded by shrubbery and it probably was not getting enough airflow. We could tell the air ducts all needed to be cleaned because of all of the dust in the house. We were also pretty sure that we needed to have the ductwork cleaned and possibly sealed. The thermostat seemed to be way off and it either needed to be reset or we would need to purchase a new thermostat. When we turn it up, it didn’t even signal to the air conditioning that it was supposed to turn on. We opted to start with the ductwork cleaning. I called the HvAC company and I asked them to send someone out to clean and sanitize the ductwork and the air vents. We also ordered a new thermostat for our home. We knew that no matter what we were doing, we had to have good air quality when it was over. Once the ductwork was finished, we had less dust in the house, but the odor was still very prevalent. I knew that I had to go outside and clean up the shrubbery. We took all of the old, dead grass and shrubbery and moved it far away from the air conditioning. As soon as the mess was removed, we could hear the air conditioning unit beginning to work a bit. We still needed to have some work done to the air conditioning because the blower motor had burned up. Once the AC unit was repaired, we noticed a huge change in our air quality.

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