I was far colder than I need to be

Recently, I crashed my mountain bike and broke my leg, then this was a very painful accident, and I was rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance; When they were able to get my leg in a cast, I was stuck there in the bed, then i had plenty of family and friends going to see, but there was a single thing that particularly bothered me.

This was the fact that the was always running too high; Because of the intense , I was always incredibly cold. When I asked the medical professionals about this situation with the non-stop , they let me suppose it was entirely policy for them to run the that high, then even when I tried to get them to adjust the temperature control settings, they just refused to do so, however one medical professional I spoke too entirely agreed with me that it was way too cold in the arena, and she wished that she could make adjustments to the temperature control settings, however she might lose her job for doing so. I just requested additional blankets so that I would be able to remain warm during my rest and reusey in the hospital. I was just counting the afternoons til I was able to get out of that cold arena, however my friends and family always encouraged me and told me to hang in there. Even my father was yelling at the medical professionals about the temperature control settings, saying he was going to sue them if I got sick from being too cold, but he entirely adjusted the settings at a single point himself which was nice for a little while, but they turned it back to cold temperatures when he had to leave.


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