Making a smart investment

I know how important it is to set goals for the future.

Well, my goals this year were to save money and to find energy saving tips.

I discovered a few great energy saving tips. I didn’t previously have awnings around my house and l learned that the shade offered by those awnings allows your Heating and A/C system not to struggle when it is in cooling mode. I also learned that trees providing shade is another great way to save energy. I also learned about solar panels and how they can dramatically lower your utility bills. I looked into something new called solar roofing tiles, but the great thing about these solar roofing tiles is that they are very strong, they have a lifetime warranty, and they supply you with an immense amount of solar energy. As a matter of fact, the bigger your roof, the more energy you save with these things, so I spent a small fortune to have our roof done with these solar roofing tiles, but even though I spent a great deal of money, the impact of the investment was seen immediately. I was actually getting paid money from the electric contractor every single month no matter how much energy I was using. I could use our Heating and A/C system as much as I wanted and I was still making money! This was like some kind of dream come tploy for me and it was because of those amazing solar roofing tiles that I had installed. Even when I was first getting this project done, I thought it was so expensive, however now I realize I will make our money back fast plus soon will be making money off of the investment.



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