Why my original HVAC business failed

I inherited my father’s HVAC business at a young age, in my early twenties.

Luckily, I was prepared for this.

My father prepared for his business at a young age, even when I was a teenager. My father had some…very questionable tactics, and I didn’t really realize how many times he scammed people. He had such great charisma with people though, it kept his business afloat. When he died, his business was passed on to me, his only child. Taking after my father, I quickly tried his key tactics. I, however, did not have his charisma and charm, and his cheap tactics didn’t work with me. The guilt of scamming people began to build up, and I decided to start anew. I already had many bad reviews, so I renamed my HVAC company to break away from the bad reputation. I stopped taking shortcuts for my heating and cooling machines, and I started building better air conditioners and furnaces. It started out slow, but quickly after a few months of business my ratings and customers began to increase. I felt a lot better about building reliable HVAC systems, and I couldn’t understand as well as I was disappointed in my father for trying to take the quick and cheap route. I take pride in my business and making trustworthy HVAC units, and helping people choose the right HVAC device for their home.

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