HVAC Solutions Comes Back to Me in a Flash

I have spent nearly a decade being completely perplexed on how the the air flows inside my home.

It has had me baffled since the first week we moved in.

Whether it’s winter or summer, this house was just unable to hold any kind of consistent temperature throughout the whole house. I ruled out direct sun heating, drafts due to poor insulation and undersized HVAC system. And yet, we would still continually experience hot and cold spots throughout the house all year long. The HVAC is hardly the problem as it was replaced when the former owners put the home on the market. The internet was awash with possible problems and dubious solutions. But, I think I know what the initial problem is. I just didn’t know how to fix it. The previous owners did quite a bit of renovation on their own. They had a growing family so, they put up several interior walls to create bedrooms. This ruined the calculated ventilation the HVAC contractor had worked up when the original HVAC unit was first installed. Then one afternoon, while I was napping in my chair, it just came to me. I remembered a vacation lake house from my youth. It had these little fans built into the walls to pull the cool air through to the rest of the space. I looked for these fans and found them! They are called room to room ventilators. I put these little fans in several of the interior walls to see what would happen. They worked perfectly and now our home has incredibly consistent temperature no matter where you are in the home.

a/c representative