Need Cleaner Inside Air? Try Whole House Air Purifier

I really wish I wasn’t so totally sensitive to smells.

It makes life a bit more difficult to deal with.

I find myself having to simply run from some of the overpowering smells the city. Fortunately, I only have to venture into the city a few time per month to do business. The rest of my time is confined to an HVAC controlled home where I work from my little office. However, that HVAC controlled home had its very own odor problems. Where we live, the weather focus is on the heat. For at least 6 months of the year, the house is totally sealed up because the HVAC cooling is on. And, I mean sealed up. My husband really sealed our house in an effort to keep the majority of the HVAC treated air inside our home. This works very well, almost too well. That’s because the air in the house just smells so recycled and stale. Cooking odors linger and mingle in the air for days and days. It can be just overwhelming for me to endure. I suppose I griped about so much that my husband simply decided to take some action so I would quit complaining. He had the HVAC company come out and install a whole house air purifier in the air handler unit. This thing uses UV rays to kill all the bacteria, allergens and any other bad stuff in our air. I didn’t really have all that much hope as I had tried to freshen the air with deodorizers but to little result. So, I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to walk into the house after work on the first day it was installed. The air smelled remarkably clean!


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