Having zone control may be the answer for our high heating bills

Back when we first moved into our house, I didn’t even know what zone control heating and cooling was.

I had always lived in a very small house when I was growing up.

So when my new husband and I bought a very large, very old two story townhouse, I had no idea that heating and cooling the house was going to end up being such a major issue for us. I mean, when I was a kid, we heated our small house with a wood burning stove and a fireplace. And then when the temperatures started heating up in the summer, my mom and dad would drag the old window unit air conditioner out of the garage. They would make me clean it up and dust it off, and then my dad would install it in the window in the living room. Of course, the window A/C couldn’t cool off the entire house, but it did keep the living room and the kitchen pretty cool in the summer. My room was always sweltering, but I always left the door open into the living room and I also kept fans running to try and circulate the air and suck some of the A/C into my room! Anyway, the thought of a zone control heating and cooling system was never something that would have entered my mind. But the house that we have now is very large and drafty, and so my husband started looking into ways that we might be able to save on our heating and cooling bills. Our bills from running our furnace and our central air unit have been super high, and he really wanted to find an alternative. That’s when we came across the idea of zone control heating and A/C. Having two separate thermostats to run our HVAC systems has proven to be the answer for us!


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