The new location for our office

Six weeks back, the boss decided to switch the location of the office.

Because we have to deal with the state legislators fairly often, she wanted the office to be located downtown.

So, we had a very nice office in a fantastic location, but man am I ever sick of it. There is always something not right in that office. It has been a few weeks, and the stupid iphone business does not yet have the iphones working well. Both of us just got the internet to work a week back, so that’s good, however 1 thing that never seems to be trouble-free is the heater and a/c. The HVAC plan is just a mystery, clearly. There are 2 HVAC devices that run in our office. There is 1 condenser for heating and a/c in our boss’s office. It goes to her location and nowhere else, then she has her own control device inside her office door, but all Summer long, it was always sizzling in her office. She would set the control device lower and even more, but it was always 69 degrees in there. At last, I complained to the property manager, and she got the HVAC repair team out to the building. They repaired her air conditioner, and she has been decent ever since. Unfortunately for me, there is a totally odd business across the hall, and our HVAC device also services their offices. It was nice and chill most of the summer, but since the people I was with and I got into the Winter time weeks, the heating device has not been as reliable as the air conditioner was. To me, it always feels like the heating system is spewing cold air.

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