My bills are way too high

Ever since I moved in with my wifey Dave, I’ve noticed that his heating bills have been going up and up… It’s ridiculous, in my opinion.

It’s still the fall, and so I’m afraid of what the heating bill is going to end up being when it’s legitimately wintertime.

I know that Dave’s apartment is perpetually cold… All of us live in the northeastern area of the country and the winters are brutal here. All of us have snow for 4 months of the year and the temperature outside is usually lower than 20 degrees while in the winter… Even with all of that, Dave still insists on heating his apartment with a heating pump. I keep telling him that in this climate and with these un-even temperatures, a heat pump is not legitimately the best option for heating a home the size of ours, then dave has always used a heat pump, though, and he thinks that the temperature of his home is fine, however for me, though, the apartment always feels damp and freezing; Of course, that ends up with me turning up the temperature on the thermostat and the heat pump runs almost always in the winter. Of course, I realize that the excessive heating bills in the Winter are mostly my fault. Dave isn’t nearly as frigid natured as I am, and so I’m the one upping the thermostat temperature, but I know that he should listen to me when it comes to changing our oil furnace! I know for a fact that a high efficiency gas furnace would keep the apartment nice and toasty for a fraction of the cost of this dumb heat pump.

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