Learning in the heat

My daughter has been coming back home from university in an irritable mood every single day for the last couple of weeks.

She has been walking in the large front door with a frown on her face in addition to heading all the way back, straight into her room without saying hello.

Then 1 day she came into my room the other day in addition to asked me if she could stay lake home from university altogether. My heart felt like it crashed inside my chest, because she regularly earned perfect attendance. Something is undoubtedly wrong. I asked her why on earth she wanted to skip university that day. She said that the weather forecasters are currently predicting temperatures in the high nineties. My daughter said that the weather has everything to do with how fast she would have a meltdown during the day. She explained that the university AC system has been broken for many weeks. I couldn’t know these adolescents were going to university in addition to sitting in a burning hot building all day without a laboring cooling system. How were they able to properly concentrate on their studies? I called the university to inquire for myself about their Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C system. The student affairs office assistant got on the phone and said that they have been laboring on the evaporator. She explained the difficulty in finding upgradement parts, because the old machine was outdated. However, the wonderful news was that they got the funding approved to finally install a current Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C system, in addition to the AC repairman was on her way to put it in.